look 05 theLILOUone

foxy microfibredress, with draped one arm stola and asymetrical hemline.

With its asymetrical hemline, and ripped tulle, the LILOUone is a modern interpretation of the classical Monroe dress. Given a twist with an elegant one arm stola, particularly stunning when viewed from the back.



1700 / 2100 Silk
£ 1500 / 1800 Silk
$ 2500 / 2900 Silk
¥ 231600 / 286030 Silk

The Art of a blushless dress

Each Blushless dress is created by draping the fabrics directly onto the manequin, in order to create the perfect silhouette of a gown, uniquley shaped to the actual curves of the female form.

This method of creation is both simplistic yet artistic, allowing the silhouettes of the dresses to form naturally.

Classic shapes are transformed by the use of modern edgy twists, reflecting the dresses character and story.

Fabrics of only the finest quality are chosen from sustainable, ethically responsible companies.

The collections are conceptually designed, an expression, an artistic creation. Yet always considering the shape of a womans body. A Blushless dress is something special, that aims to make you feel fabulous.

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